7 Rue Caterine
Luxurious holiday cottage  sleeps 2-4

The view from The Balcony

The Bedroom with a California King size bed, good for watching the sun rise

The Living Room has a wood burning stove for long winter evenings

The kitchen window makes a useful pass-through to the garden

The special pleasure of taking meals outdoors under the Jasmine vine


Sleeps 2-4 

Smaller, more intimate, more luxurious than No 5,

this cottage was fitted with the furniture from my parents’ pied-a-terre in New York City,  

and is maintained as a period piece from the 1970′s.

Guest comments

"What a stunningly peaceful place to come! We have never slept in such comfort, to awake to such views, and so peacefully.

We'll never forget the beautiful sunrises waking us all up each morning.  The balcony on an evening when we finally get the little people down to bed was a delight – a beer / glass of wine in our hand and nothing to do but watch the swifts shooting about till the stars came out was a joy.

Night swimming, especially if you have a clear sky and a full moon, is just fab.  Then come back and sit on the balcony and talk the night away, with some wine, an owl, cicadas and a warm breeze.

It was our intention to divide our time 40% relaxation and 60% exploring the area.  Until we found THE BALCONY!  What a tremendous view. And so peaceful.  As our division of our week changed to 70% relaxation and 30% exploration there is nothing we can add to what has already been said. 

[In May]  The Nightingales have been beautiful, singing at night and all day."