The way up to the pool
Plants in the garden by the swimming pool are chosen as much for their odor as their colour
Suntaning equipment beside the swimming pool
Falling OFF the Slackline is the easy part
Staying ON the Slackline is the challenge
The two cottages with their covered balconies are the highest in the village
No 7 Rue Caterine
No 5 Dining Room detail
The Master Bedroom in No 5 also overlooks the way up to the swimming pool
The entrance to the Rue Caterine is not wide enough for motor vehices
Brissac le Haut
Another way into Hogwarts, perhaps... you never know for sure in Brissac le Haut
Brissac le Haut
Brissac le Bas
Brissac le Bas with entrance to the XIIth century church
The park in Brissac-le-Bas is said to have a hundred springs
The River Avez in Brissac le Bas emerges full-strength from the springs a few hundred meters away
The old Pilgrimage bridge over the River Avez
During the winter months the sound of the bells on our local flock of sheep is a sign that all is well with the world
The Herault River in the 1960s, still unchanged today
St Jean de Bueges is a nearby village to explore
The lane up to the castle at St Jean de Bueges
In the Bueges Valley
Inside the working windmill at St Pierre de la Fage on the Causse de Larzac
Modern La Couvertoirade
Tea on the tourist trail
The Wine Walk at Anglas ended with a meal under the trees, of course with their wines to accompany each course
A Well-earned glass after the 6 km walk from St Guilhelm le Desert
Early morning walks are a nice idea ... for tomorrow
Early summer hiking in the Cevennes with a view right out to the Mediterranean
Winter walking on the old pilgrimage road to Notre Dame du Suc
Recovering your shoes from the gyre can be an interesting problem
Sandboxs are fun, and not only for small children
Armed knight ready for action
We try to encourage imaginative play
Young children successfully stay up to enjoy the warm evening after a good siesta in the afternoon. Can you find him?
"Nah, I ain't the kind'a frog that turns inta prince when you kiss 'im, an' anyway, I'm a gal."
Swallowtail Butterfly on Valerian
European Roller
Flamingos are easy to spot in the lagoons by the Mediterranean
Spring flowers beside the castle gate. The show changes every week.
"Our first fire at Brissac", April 2013
The countryside is covered with flowers and butterflies in May
Summer sunlight is intensely bright in the Midi
An Autumn walk in Brissac
The autumn mist above the rivers clears to leave a fine day
Rain comes mainly in the winter months
December solstice sunrise
Half an hour later it's shaping up to be a wonderful day for walking
Dining terrace below the swimming pool for BBQs under the stars
Outdoor dining table at No 5 ready for the evening meal
The kitchens are well-equipped for cooks to enjoy putting them to good use
The candles burn low and the conversation gets interesting
The marketing basket emptied after a glorious shop
A feast of artichokes in the making